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Aaltodoc publication archive puts together under one single service the electronic fulltext publications of all schools of the Aalto University including theses, reports, conference papers, and other publications. The self-archived versions of the articles published in the scientific journals as well as conference papers are also stored in the repository.

The aim of Aaltodoc is to increase the usage, publicity, and impact of the publications that are produced at the Aalto University as well as to promote the open distribution of information. The scientific publications are openly available (Open Access) when they are available in the Internet free of charge and accessible for both the scientific community and the general public.

The purpose of Aaltodoc is to ensure the long-term preservation of the electronic publications and the research information produced at the Aalto University. The publications stored in the archive have a permanent URN identifier. The publications will be found in the Internet with the help of the URN identifiers also in the future even if, for example, the web address of the service would change.

The majority of the publications in Aaltodoc are freely available in open Internet. The access to the full-texts of the bachelor's theses of the schools of technology is restricted. Aaltodoc also contains the metadata of some theses whose author has not given the permission for the electronic publishing of the fulltext of the thesis.

Aaltodoc is developed and maintained by the Aalto University Learning Centre.

Unless otherwise stated, all material supplied via Aaltodoc is protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights, and duplication or sale of all or part of any of the repository collections is not permitted, except that material may be duplicated by you for your research use or educational purposes in electronic or print form.

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