Demonstration of the enhanced Purcell factor in all-dielectric structures

dc.contributorAalto Universityen
dc.contributor.authorKrasnok, Alexanderen_US
dc.contributor.authorGlybovski, Stanislaven_US
dc.contributor.authorPetrov, Mihailen_US
dc.contributor.authorMakarov, Sergeyen_US
dc.contributor.authorSavelev, Romanen_US
dc.contributor.authorBelov, Pavelen_US
dc.contributor.authorSimovski, Konstantinen_US
dc.contributor.authorKivshar, Yurien_US
dc.contributor.departmentDepartment of Radio Science and Engineeringen
dc.contributor.groupauthorKostantin Simovski Groupen
dc.contributor.organizationSt. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO)en_US
dc.contributor.organizationAustralian National Universityen_US
dc.description.abstractThe Purcell effect is usually described as a modification of the spontaneous decay rate in the presence of a resonator. In plasmonics, this effect is commonly associated with a large local-field enhancement in "hot spots" due to the excitation of surface plasmons. However, high-index dielectric nanostructures, which become the basis of all-dielectric nanophotonics, cannot provide high values of the local-field enhancement due to larger radiation losses. Here, we demonstrate how to achieve a strong Purcell effect in all-dielectric nanostructures, and show theoretically that the Purcell factor can be increased by two orders of magnitude in a finite chain of silicon nanoparticles. Using the eigenmode analysis for an infinite chain, we demonstrate that the high Purcell factor regime is associated with a Van Hove singularity. We perform a proof-of-concept experiment for microwave frequencies and observe the 65-fold enhancement of the Purcell factor in a chain of 10 dielectric particles.en
dc.description.versionPeer revieweden
dc.identifier.citationKrasnok, A, Glybovski, S, Petrov, M, Makarov, S, Savelev, R, Belov, P, Simovski, K & Kivshar, Y 2016, ' Demonstration of the enhanced Purcell factor in all-dielectric structures ', Applied Physics Letters, vol. 108, no. 21, 211105 .
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dc.relation.ispartofseriesApplied Physics Lettersen
dc.relation.ispartofseriesVolume 108, issue 21en
dc.titleDemonstration of the enhanced Purcell factor in all-dielectric structuresen
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