Closed-Form Expression For The Resources Dimensioning of Softwarized Network Services

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IEEE Global Communications Conference
Network Function Virtualization ecosystem enables the automation of deployment and scaling of softwarized network services (SNSs), thus reducing their operational expenditures. This enables operators to handle workload fluctuations, to keep the desired performance, with great agility and reduced costs. However, to realize the automation of such management practices, it is needed to determine the amount of required resources to allocate the SNS so that its performance requirements are met. This problem is commonly referred to as resources dimensioning problem. In this paper, we address the derivation of a closed-form expression for the optimal resources dimensioning of an SNS in terms of cost or energy efficiency. The performance requirement considered for the SNS is a limit on its mean response time. The performance model considered for the SNS is practical and accurate. The usefulness of the derived closed-form expression is successfully validated by means of simulation. The scenario considered for the validation is a video optimization chain located at the SGi-LAN of a mobile network. © 2019 IEEE.
| openaire: EC/H2020/761898/EU//MATILDA
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Prados Garzon , J , Taleb , T , El Marai , O & Bagaa , M 2019 , Closed-Form Expression For The Resources Dimensioning of Softwarized Network Services . in IEEE Global Communications Conference . , 9013963 , IEEE Global Communications Conference , IEEE , IEEE Global Communications Conference , Waikoloa , Hawaii , United States , 09/12/2019 .