Towards holistic management of information within service networks : safety telephone services for ageing people

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Doctoral thesis (monograph)
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Dissertations / Helsinki University of Technology, Lahti Center, 1
The dissertation investigates information quality in multi-actor service networks. A clear connection between the quality of information and success of business has been acknowledged, but tools for analysing information quality in network environments on the basis of qualitative data have been lacking. There is also a limited understanding of information processes of virtual networks of public and private service organizations in the literature. In this dissertation, a novel framework for information quality analysis is developed and operationalized. It extends previously developed methods and provides a fundamentally different way to assess information quality, contrary to earlier quantitative studies. In addition to investigating and developing management of information quality, the dissertation focuses on collaboration and networking within the heterogeneous multi-actor service networks. Operationalization of the newly developed framework for information quality analysis is undertaken in the virtual network environment of safety telephone services for ageing people. These services utilize rapidly developing well-being technology. The analysis is based on data from interviews with professionals working in several service networks of different types and sizes. The results provide a detailed account of the state of information quality and network collaboration in the case networks. The results can be utilized as guidelines when planning information-related matters in the case networks in the future. Practical recommendations for the branch of safety telephone services are formulated. The dissertation also contains a thorough assessment of the usability of the framework of analysis. Suggestions concerning future use of the framework are formulated. The dissertation thus contributes to development of new tools for analysing information quality. It also suggests directions for future research.
information quality, information management, service network, safety telephone services
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