The perceived value of oat milk and the food-choice motives of young, urban people

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British Food Journal, Volume 125, issue 13
Purpose: Both governments and the food industry are interested in plant-based products. New products are advertised as climate-friendly, with plant-based materials increasingly replacing animal-based content. In Finland, oat milk dominates the plant-based milk market. The authors studied what features young and urban users of plant-based and cow's milk value in oat milk for coffee and how the preferences of the users relate to ethical food-choice motives. Design/methodology/approach: In total, 308 students filled in an e-questionnaire. The survey used best-worst scaling (BWS), a discrete choice approach, to measure the perceived values related to oat milk characteristics. The ethical motives were measured by a version of the Lindeman and Väänänen scale. Also the respondents' diets were asked. Preference clusters were identified and viewed with the ethical food-choice motives and diets. Findings: The respondent group that exclusively used cow's milk attached more value to taste, added nutritional elements, discounts and recommendations by friends. The rest of the respondents attached more value to origin and sustainability-related features of oat milk. In the six-cluster solution, one extreme cluster was valuing taste and the other was valuing sustainability-related issues. All the ethical food-choice motives: ecological welfare, political values and religion were (roughly) the higher the cluster valued sustainability-related items. The respondents eating meat were more likely to belong to the clusters valuing taste than non-meat eaters that belong more likely to clusters valuing sustainability-related features. Originality/value: Very few earlier studies have explored the heterogeneity of valuations of plant-based products and the products' relationship with ethical food-choice motives.
Publisher Copyright: © 2023, Merja Halme, Anna-Maija Pirttilä-Backman and Trang Pham.
Ethical food choice motives, Food choice, Milk, Oat milk, Plant-based milk
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Halme , M , Pirttilä-Backman , A M & Pham , T 2023 , ' The perceived value of oat milk and the food-choice motives of young, urban people ' , British Food Journal , vol. 125 , no. 13 , pp. 375-389 .