The central role of exploration in designing business concepts and strategy

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Factories | A4 Artikkeli konferenssijulkaisussa
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pp. 325-334
Design thinking is described as a combination of thinking and acting that leads to new solution possibilities for design problems. Though traditionally linked to the design of objects and services, it can be applied to organizational processes as well. This paper examines design thinking in developing a new business, focusing on the business concept and strategy formation in the start-up phase of the company. How and what elements of design thinking are manifested in the process of designing a business concept and forming a strategy? What is the importance of these elements in this process? The results reveal the experimental and iterative nature of developing the business concept and strategy. In addition, these organizational processes were strongly influenced by the product offering, stakeholders, and environment that the company operated in. While the results highlighted the importance of emergence, they also illustrated a need for structure and planning, thus reminding of the need of balancing between the two. Overall, the results suggest that many of the fundamental elements of design thinking are found in the development process of a company.
design thinking, experimentation, emergent strategy, business concept formation
Kirjavainen, Senni & Björklund, Tua A. 2011. The central role of exploration in designing business concepts and strategy. The 18th International Conference on Engineering Design, Copenhagen, 15-18 August 2011. pp. 325-334. ISSN 2220-4334 (printed). ISBN 978-1-904670-23-0 (printed).