Change management as a part of successful ICT project management

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School of Economics | Master's thesis
International Business
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This study focuses on studying the importance of change management within ICT project management. The topic is viewed from a project manager’s point of view and the study provides a general overview of ICT project management and the most common challenges in it. A model for ICT project management is created by using the existing literature and interview data. A general picture on change management and ICT project management was created by using various sources of secondary data. Empirical data was gathered by individual interviews from a single case company. The company has conducted several ICT projects during the past years but does not operate in ICT business. The purpose of the interviews was to gain a picture how ICT projects are managed in practice and whether change management practices can be seen in the management. An ICT project must have three key factors in place in order to have chances for success. The factors are: communication, a competent project manager with project experience and knowledge about the organization’s core business, and top management support. Change management is an important part of the general project management but it is not enough alone if the project manager is otherwise not competent enough or other key factors for a successful project are not in place. Change management practices must support the project management without forgetting the basics of practical day-to-day project management.
change management, it, ict project, project management, communication
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