Idleply - A Concept for the Future of OLED Lighting

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School of Arts, Design and Architecture | Master's thesis
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Degree Programme in Industrial and Strategic Design
Teollisen muotoilun koulutusohjelma
In this thesis, I document the creation of a concept OLED luminaire called Idleply. My thesis is also a study on the state of OLED lighting today, in the future and in relation to the past. I give an account of what OLED lighting is and how it differs from other forms of lighting. A glossary of lighting-related terminology is provided in the early pages. The basis for a design approach is laid in a review of how lights design has changed in the past whenever new technologies have been introduced, the three most important examples being incandescent light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and halogen lamps. Not surprisingly, the past has favored practicality over style in the mass adoption of lighting solutions. This question is at the very core of modernist thinking and still as relevant for designers as ever. The future predictions that I present about OLED lighting are based on market research articles, corporate roadmaps and my own experience. The future success and mainstream popularity of OLED lighting is to a great extent dependent on cutting down manufacturing costs and increasing energy-efficiency, as well as good design. The thesis describes the design process of Idleply and the making of the prototypes. The luminaires are tall, flat and flexible indoor floor lights that can be bent to almost any desired shape. Instead of actual OLED panels, I have used electroluminescent sheet to illustrate OLED functionality. Because the light source is a surface, the smooth light is friendly to the eye and causes very little glare. Idleply is a design that wouldn’t be possible without flexible surface lighting and it anticipates a time when such designs are commonplace. I conclude the thesis by reviewing how I’ve answered the research questions that I set for myself and what could be improved in my work.
Nikkanen, Raimo
valaisin, lamppu, valonlähde, valo, konsepti, tulevaisuus, light, luminaire, lamp, OLED, oled, concept, future, lighting
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