Identifying Dance Costume Design Constraints

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School of Arts, Design and Architecture | Bachelor's thesis
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Bachelor's Programme in Design
This thesis explores the application of design theory, specifically Lawson's model of design problems, in the context of dance costume design. By employing a systematic approach to problem framing and decision-making, the study aims to benefit both experts and novices in the design process. The literature review explores how dance costumes interact with other performance elements, highlighting their significance in enhancing the overall performance experience. In addition to the literature review, the research draws from qualitative data analysis through interviews with seven experts in the field. Lawson's model of design problems is presented as a structured and comprehensive approach to problem-solving in dance costume design. The thesis concludes that the model provides valuable insights for both experienced designers and newcomers, facilitating more effective decision making in the design process. The thesis demonstrates the potential application of Lawson's model in dance costume design. It highlights the model's capacity as a multidimensional assessment tool for evaluating design problems, albeit acknowledging its limitations in practical implementation. Nonetheless, the model offers a valuable thinking structure for rationalizing and conceptualizing the design process. Furthermore, the thesis includes reflections on the limitations of the study and lays the foundation for potential subsequent research. In summary, this thesis contributes to the field of dance costume design by applying design theory, particularly Lawson's model, to problem framing and decision-making. By recognizing the significance of costumes in enriching the performance experience, it advocates for a systematic approach. The findings indicate that Lawson's model holds promise as a valuable resource for designers in the field, empowering them to make more informed and effective design decisions.
Chun, Namkyu
Thesis advisor
Veselova, Emilija
costume design, dance costume, design problems, design theory, design methodology, problem framing, qualitative research, Bryan Lawson