The effects of dietary energy level during periparturient period on hepatic gene expressions in dairy cows

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Peri-parturient diseases in dairy cows due to metabolic disorders are wel1 known in the dairy industry. Metabolic disorders can also lead to reduced fertility. The main components affecting these disorders include severe negative energy balance (SNEB) and insulin resistance. These are mainly due to the increased demand of energy for a few weeks during the postpartum period. Recent studies show that this can be medicated by controlling the feed intake on dairy cows. This thesis describes the effects of dietary energy level during the peri-parturient period on hepatic gene expressions in dairy cows. The dietary energy level groups involve the ad libitum, which obtained 150% of the total requirement and the restricted energy, which obtained 100 % of the total energy requirement. The main purpose is to evaluate the association between these two dietary groups of cows and their gene expressions. In this experiment, eleven multiparous Ayrshire cows were randomly selected and total of 32 microchips obtained for 3 time points, 8 days before calving, 1 day after calving, and 9 days after calving. This thesis will analyse the expression of bovine Affymetrix arrays, comparing the control group with the experiment at different time points. Furthermore, this study includes analysis of differentially expressed genes within the groups before and after calving and discusses their relation to feed intake and regulatory groups. Functional pathways analysis of Differentially Expressed Genes (DEG) shows that the genes were related to the networks involved in lipid metabolism, cell signalling, molecular transport, and small molecule biochemistry.
Rousu, Juho
Thesis advisor
Elo, Kari
Hoti, Fabian J.
micro array, Bovine, R, genes, affymetrix, gene network
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