On-site sponsorship activities: the meanings and perceptions for the three key interest groups. Case: Uplause Crowd Games in Karjala Cup 2010

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School of Economics | Master's thesis
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Objective of the Study: The objective of the study is to gain in-depth understanding of the meanings and perceptions of on-site sponsorship activities for three key interest groups: sponsors, event organizers and the audience. The study aims for establishing the role of on-site sponsorship activities as a unique sponsorship leverage tool for creating interaction between the sponsor and event audience. Another objective is to create a framework to illustrate the effect mechanism of on-site sponsorship activities. The third objective is to use the framework to give advice for Uplause management to improve Uplause Crowd Games as an on-site sponsorship activity. Research Method: The research is based on a constructivist paradigm that defines knowledge as a mutually constructed context-related reality. The existing academic sponsorship discussions form the theoretical framework of the study and work as a guideline for the empirical research. The empirical research is executed by semi-structured interviews, which is the most appropriate method considering the paradigm and the specific research setting. The interviewees represent all three interest groups of Karjala Cup 2010, where Uplause Crowd Games were used as an on-site sponsorship activity. The data is then analyzed using a thematic analysis method and a revised framework is built. Findings: The research findings are divided in three parts: 1) on-site activity effect, 2) event organizer’s roles, and 3) practical tips for improving Uplause Crowd Games. The most important finding suggests that on-site activities are able to provide additional value for the audience in form of entertainment and, thus, lead to enhanced goodwill towards the sponsor and extended involvement towards the sponsored event.
sponsorship, sponsorship leverage, on-site activities, event organize, interaction, entertainment
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