Backscatter Communications over Ambient OFDM Signals using Null Subcarriers

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Proceedings of the IEEE Global Communications Conference, IEEE Global Communications Conference
In recent years, ambient backscatter communications have gained a lot of interest as a promising enabling technology for Internet-of-Things and green communications. In ambient backscatter communication systems, battery-less devices are able to transmit information by backscattering ambient RF signals generated by legacy communication systems such as digital TV broadcasting, Wi-Fi, or cellular. This paper is concerned with ambient backscatter communications over legacy cellular OFDM signals. We propose a novel modulation scheme that allows backscattering devices to take advantage of the spectrum structure of ambient OFDM symbols to transmit information. We analyze the error performance of the proposed scheme, provide an exact expression for the error probability, and validate our analysis using Monte-Carlo simulation. We investigate the effects of varying the OFDM symbol size and maximum channel delay spread on the error performance. Our numerical results show that the proposed technique outperforms other techniques available in the literature for backscatter communication over ambient OFDM signals in different scenarios.
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Ambient backscatter, Internet of things, green communications, performance analysis, OFDM
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ElMossalmy , M , Han , Z , Pan , M , Jäntti , R , Seddik , K & Li , G 2018 , Backscatter Communications over Ambient OFDM Signals using Null Subcarriers . in Proceedings of the IEEE Global Communications Conference . IEEE Global Communications Conference , IEEE , United States , IEEE Global Communications Conference , Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates , 09/12/2018 .