Multiplatform Social Media Storytelling: Case NikeWomen

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School of Business | Master's thesis
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Corporate Communication
The objective of the study was to explore multiplatform storytelling in brand social media practices, based on the case of the brand NikeWomen. The study aimed to answer one main research question: How do brands engage in multiplatform social media storytelling?, and three sub-questions: (1) How is NikeWomen engaging in multiplatform social media use? (2) How does NikeWomen use storytelling on social media? (3) What are the characteristics of multiplatform storytelling in NikeWomen social media practices? In the absence of an existing theoretical framework on multiplatform social media use, this study constructed the multiplatform social media storytelling framework, using transmedia storytelling as a reference, and translating its elements into the social media context. The study used qualitative and quantitative content analysis. Qualitative content analysis was used to categorize NikeWomen social media content and to make inferences about the meaning of its content in terms of storytelling. Quantitative analysis was used to calculate frequencies and volumes of social media posts, as well audience interactions, necessary to understand the brand’s multiplatform social media use. Qualitative and quantitative findings were then combined for an analysis of the characteristics NikeWomen multiplatform social media storytelling. The study resulted in three main findings: (1) NikeWomen engages in multiplatform social media use and cross promotes content in various ways; (2) NikeWomen engages in storytelling on social media by using elements of the Hero’s Journey narrative formula in its greater brand narrative, which sets the context for a diversity of content marketing; and (3) the combined elements of NikeWomen multiplatform social media storytelling follow to varying degrees the theoretical framework set forth in this study. These findings suggest that brands can use storytelling elements in their multiplatform social media use to present a unified and cohesive narrative across multiple channels.
Thesis advisor
Louhiala-Salminen, Leena
corporate communication, international business communication, social media, brand communication, multiplatform social media, social media storytelling, transmedia storytelling
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