Multiple discrete crack initiation and propagation in Material Point Method

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Engineering Fracture Mechanics, Volume 301
Cracks in MPM (CRAMP) is one of the most prominent discrete crack simulation methods in the Material Point Method (MPM) due to its simplicity and versatility. However, CRAMP is yet to include the capability to simulate concurrent crack initiations and propagations, as well as propagation to the edge of the material domain. The method proposed in this paper enables the simulation of multiple crack paths with CRAMP via the dynamic assignment of particles to separate grids while minimizing the number of necessary grids. It also proposes methods of evaluating crack initiation and propagation via the Rankine criterion. The proposed methods are then implemented in an in-house Convected Particle Domain Interpolation (CPDI) MPM developed at Aalto University. To verify the integrity of the CPDI algorithm, our CPDI code with the proposed method implemented simulated a CPDI vortex. Furthermore, six fracture-simulation verification test cases were carried out: (1) through-crack in an infinite plate; (2) mode-I propagation; (3) initiation; (4) initiation with large deformations; (5) merging; (6) multiple initial cracks; and (7) radially-cracked thick ring. All these verification tests show successful initiation, propagation, merging, crack opening, and agreement with the results from the literature, as well as the convergence of various parameters with the expected rates.
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Crack initiation, Crack propagation, Material point method, Multiple discrete crack, Rankine criterion
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Adibaskoro, T, Bordas, S, Sołowski, W T & Hostikka, S 2024, ' Multiple discrete crack initiation and propagation in Material Point Method ', Engineering Fracture Mechanics, vol. 301, 109918 .