Adapting geometry-based polygonal contacts for simulating faulty rolling bearing dynamics

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Mechanism and Machine Theory, Volume 192
Rolling bearings are a leading cause of equipment breakdowns in electrical machines, underscoring the significance of predictive maintenance strategies. However, the given methods require high-quality big data, which is challenging to acquire, especially for faulty cases. Simulation models offer an alternative by generating large data sets to complement experimental data. However, bearings involve complex contact-related phenomena, such as slipping and clearance. Therefore, generating realistic data comparable to the real-world necessitates accuracy. Our study presents a multibody simulation system of a motor bearing, incorporating a geometry-based polygonal contact method (PCM), which accurately captures nonlinear bearing dynamics and allows for the simulation of various contact geometries. We introduce a systematic approach to adjust the PCM contact properties for rolling bearings, referencing the well-established Hertzian theory. Both healthy and faulty bearings with a local outer ring fault were simulated. The simulated output was a relative shaft displacement, experimentally validated using a capacitive sensor. Our model successfully demonstrates the potential to employ geometry-based contacts for generating realistic data on faulty bearings with the aim of predictive maintenance.
Funding Information: The authors acknowledge the financial support from the Research Council of Finland through two projects: ‘Intelligent Techniques in Condition Monitoring of Electromechanical Energy Conversion Systems’ (ESTV) and ‘The Center of Excellence in High-Speed Electromechanical Energy Conversion Systems’ (HiECSs) with the decision numbers 331199 and 346441 , respectively. Additionally, this research received funding from the EU ECSEL Joint Undertaking under ’Arrowhead Tools’ project with a decision number 826452 . Publisher Copyright: © 2023 The Author(s)
Ball bearing, Data generation, Fault analysis, Multibody simulation, Polygonal contact method
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Vehviläinen , M , Rahkola , P , Keränen , J , Halme , J , Sopanen , J , Liukkonen , O , Holopainen , A , Tammi , K & Belahcen , A 2024 , ' Adapting geometry-based polygonal contacts for simulating faulty rolling bearing dynamics ' , Mechanism and Machine Theory , vol. 192 , 105552 .