Relationship of venture capitalists and mobile game company’s management

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School of Business | Master's thesis
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Management and International Business (MIB)
The mobile game industry is a prosperous and emerging market, by latest forecast, the mobile game total revenue will surpass the sum of console and PC games globally in 2021. Finnish mobile game industry consists of 200 different sizes of companies and 3600 people in total are employed in the industry. The mobile game industry is energized by entrepreneurship and constant technological innovation. Mobile game industry is embracing the new content business era with cut-edge technology. Investment is always a critical subject for a small team at the beginning of lifecycle. However, there is limited research focus on practicalities in mobile game industry – What/How does venture capital investor influence on mobile game management? Therefore, this research discovers the relationship between mobile game companies and venture capital investors. This research adapts qualitative research methodology unitizing interviews and participant-observation. Thorough consideration has been conducted to qualitative research approach. The issue address here has not been explicitly examined before. In addition, the purpose of this research is to understand the relationship and cooperative roles from multiple perspectives. In total, three interviews were recorded in written. As conclusion, this research identifies a collaborative relationship between venture capital investors and mobile game early-middle stage companies. The leading or non-leading investors have same level of influencer to mobile game management. Advisory role and partnership role are more recognized than monitoring role. The decisive factor of getting investor on-board is to convince the VC by the management team, both strategy and proven track of success.
Thesis advisor
Mihailova, Irina
mobile games, Finnish mobile games ecosystem, venture capitalists, management, growth, internationalization, investor relationship, investment
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