Orchestrator's Role in the Value Constellation - Case: Commercialization of Ubiquitous Computing Technology

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Innovation of technological offerings, such as solutions of ubiquitous computing technology, requires value constellation of different actors. Business orchestration is a key factor in successful production of the technology offering which meets the needs of the customers and users. As a business orchestrator, Synocus, a services company, can create value for the commercialization of ubiquitous computing technology by orchestrating different actors. The research problem of this thesis is: How could Synocus orchestrate the value constellation in the implementation of ubiquitous computing projects in retirement homes in Finland? The literature review of the thesis develops a theoretical framework, which is further examined in the empirical study. To locate resources and capabilities for innovation, the orchestrator should first examine the environment. Second, the development of offering should involve customers as a value producer. The interactions around the offering form the value constellation, where orchestrator mobilizes resources and ensures that different roles are filled. The theoretical framework, i.e. the orchestration platform, includes elements of innovation environment, innovative offering, value constellation and business orchestration. The empirical study begins with a preliminary market research. The participants of a pilot innovation project in a retirement home are interviewed. An initial market research is done bringing out a list of technology solutions available in the market. Then structured interviews of the retirement home experts are conducted to find out their preferences for different dimensions of the technology offering, opinions of project implementation, their needs for consultation services and their readiness to participate in the orchestration platform for ubiquitous computing technology. The research results present an orchestration platform constructed and maintained by the orchestrator, Synocus. Structured according to the theoretical framework, the orchestration platform integrates the available solutions and their providers; a forum for the customers to interact with the technology and service providers; and customer segmentations. The orchestrator coordinates the activities in the platform and ensures that all the actors in the value constellation both creates value and benefits from the value creation. Other possible service opportunities for Synocus include total solution planning for retirement homes and technology evaluation.
Keil, Thomas
Thesis advisor
Wallin, Johan
value constellation, business orchestration, innovation environment, offering
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