Toward comprehensive internationalization in a higher education institution: The case of Aalto University School of Business

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School of Business | Master's thesis
Organization and Management
Organisaatiot ja johtaminen
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PURPOSE OF THE STUDY This case study provides a holistic analysis on how and why an institution internationalizes. Firstly, this study aims at explaining the development of internationalization through a processual viewpoint. The analysis is focused on 1) research, 2) teaching and learning and 3) services and administration. Secondly, this study investigates how comprehensive internationalization could be developed at the case institution. In relation to this, a set of internationalization indicators is developed to measure the internationalization process. FRAMEWORK The development of internationalization in higher education is discussed through the rationales and motivations on supra-national, national and institutional levels. Global trends, national policies and institutional motivations guide the internationalization process in higher education institutions. The concept of comprehensive internationalization is presented as an approach that entails the development of a more systematic, measurable and engaging process of internationalization that serves the overall goals of an institution. Thus, comprehensive internationalization can be understood as a means to an end rather than an end in itself. FINDINGS AND CONCLUSIONS Internationalization is embedded in the core values of the School of Business and the development of a comprehensive internationalization process has good prerequisites; the School of Business is actively developing internationalization activities in the core functions. However, even though measuring the internationalization process is essential, a culture of assessment and control should not overrun a culture of academic freedom and creativity.
Internationalization, comprehensive internationalization, internationalization at home, crossborder, education, measurement of internationalization, output indicator, input indicator
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