Utilizing product modularity for more ecient production of custom built manipulators

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School of Science | Master's thesis
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Combining customization with rational production is a challenge for many manufacturing companies. As a mean for it, product modularity is a widely applied design approach. The basic idea in modularity is to split a complex system into more independent sets of sub-systems, i.e. modules, which function together. By selecting the appropriate modules, the product is customized for different functional needs. This study is based around Konecranes' custom built manipulator products. These are load manipulating devices, powered by energy other than human, to assist an operator in the load handling. The purpose is to study how the manipulators could be produced more efficiently by utilizing product modularity. The product architectures of these manipulators are studied in sense of complexity, modularity and which influential and dependent variables there are in a manipulator system. For making conclusions about the modularization potential, the customers' functional needs in the general manufacturing industry are studied as well. For going deeper in the actual modularization procedure, a case study is also performed, where three different manipulator products are modularized with the DSM methodology. Two different tools are used for clustering the elements. The results show that a comprehensive modularization of such products is exceedingly challenging and especially the gripping device is a complex and easily influenced variable. For the general manufacturing industry it should though be easier. Some current parts are also considered to have standardization potential and the case study produced several sensible module candidates.
Coataneá, Eric
Thesis advisor
Räikkönen, Tommi
modularization, modularisering, modularity, modularitet, standardization, standardisering, customization, kundanpassning, manipulators, manipulatorer, DSM, DSM, clustering, klustring
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