Semiautomatic Maintenance Assistance on a Diesel/Gas engine

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The purpose of this thesis is to study different kinds of control system based maintenance tasks on a Wärtsilä diesel/gas engine and to investigate how such tasks could be semi-automated. The results of the study were used to implement a prototype, which is able to import and execute these semi-automated tasks. A typical task is defined as a procedure that assists the operator in performing local and discrete service work. Four main categories of tasks were identified in the maintenance information system hierarchy: instructions, tests, tunings and analyses. The study further acknowledges similar tasks throughout the extended product life cycle. The result discerns a wide area of different procedures with varying development requirements. The study argues, however, that if a flexible tool were available to handle all these tasks, it could offer excellent comprehensive testing, tuning and analysis opportunities for both customers and in-house engineers at every stage in the product life cycle. This range of tasks was used as a basis for the prototype tool. The technical study reviews different software component techniques and tools for task development. COM techniques are covered in depth, along with high-level development means such as MATLAB, script languages and XML techniques. The prototype solution turned out to be based, somewhat surprisingly, on the Internet Explorer web browser control used in a local environment. The implemented prototype offers a programming interface to the control system for task development, with the web control used as an embedded execution host. The developed prototype proved itself to be a cost-effective and flexible solution for the tasks in question. The prototype fulfils its stated requirements, and is hence recommended for official implementation.
Koskinen, Kari
Thesis advisor
Pensar, Johan
maintenance, underhåll, testing, mjukvarukomponent, tuning, testing, analysing, kalibrering, diagnostics, diagnostik
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