Settling Flow Details in the Flash Smelting Furnace—A CFD-DEM Simulation Study

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Fluids, Volume 8, issue 10
The flash smelting furnace has previously been simulated using computational fluid dynamics (CFD). A new approach is to combine CFD and the discrete element method (DEM) for more detailed simulations of the different phenomena that occur as copper matte droplets settle through a slag layer. One of the most important phenomena found is the formation of a channeling flow which carries matte droplets faster through the slag. However, such phenomena cannot be directly observed in the flash smelting furnace settler due to the extreme temperatures of the opaque molten slag inside the furnace, therefore alternative methods are required for validating the phenomenon. In this work, the simulated channeling flow is validated with a sphere–oil model. The phenomenon was similar in all of the studied cases, although in the experimental setup the spheres settled faster in the oil model than in the simulations. The differences were most likely caused by the cohesion of the spheres and slight differences in the properties provided by the manufacturer and real properties for the oil and the spheres, and by the fact that simulation ignores surface tension and changing air–oil and water–oil interfaces.
Funding Information: This research was funded by Business Finland as a part of TOCANEM project. Grant Number: 41778/31/2020. Publisher Copyright: © 2023 by the authors.
channeling flow, coalescence, copper, simulation, slag
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Jylhä , J-P & Jokilaakso , A 2023 , ' Settling Flow Details in the Flash Smelting Furnace—A CFD-DEM Simulation Study ' , Fluids , vol. 8 , no. 10 , 283 .