Creating the feeling of immigrants' anxiety through virtual reality film

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School of Arts, Design and Architecture | Master's thesis
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Master's Programme in Re:Anima – European Joint Master in Animation
In this thesis, I will provide an in-depth exploration of my background and motivations that led me to create the animated VR experience titled "Less than 5 Gr of Saffron." The research is provided in two main aspects: first, the investigation of engaging audience emotions within the film industry, and second, the exploration of techniques for eliciting emotional responses in animation within virtual reality (VR) environments. The thesis examines anxiety as a prevalent emotional state and how the mind's presuppositions contribute to the experience of anxiety. Furthermore, the thesis delves into the theme of immigration and its correlation with anxiety and draws upon interviews conducted with immigrants to shed light on their personal experiences. These insights provide valuable perspectives on the anxieties faced by individuals in the process of relocation and adaptation to a new culture. Anxiety and immigration chapters serve as a foundation for understanding the subsequent discussions on engaging the audience's emotions in the animation context. The creation process of a VR animation is then explored, focusing on the various elements employed to immerse the audience in the narrative. Different directing techniques, utilization of colors and sounds, and their impact on enhancing the immersive qualities of the animation are examined in detail. This chapter highlights the crucial role these elements play in bringing the animation to life and evoking emotional responses from the audience. Through this comprehensive exploration, the thesis aims to provide insights into the process of engaging audience emotions in the film industry and within the realm of VR animation. It also sheds light on the significance of addressing themes such as anxiety and immigration, ultimately contributing to the broader understanding of storytelling and emotional impact in the realm of immersive media.
Bastamow, Tanja
Thesis advisor
Martin Peixe, Daniel
virtual reality, creating emotions, animation, anxiety, immigration, quill, brutal directing, engaging the feeling of the audience in VR
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