User Experience In Online Consumer Media

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School of Business | Bachelor's thesis
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User experience is a relatively novel concept that is defined as a comprehensive experience of a user encountering a system. User experience, abbreviated as UX, has both conscious and unconscious dimensions and it involves both concrete aspects concerning usability and system ergo-nomics as well as more abstract, emotional properties, such as fun and enjoyment. Apart from these qualities that define the value of a user experience for the user, there are also business benefits to be leveraged and ethical dilemmas to be considered when defining a good user experience. Due to the development of electronic and mobile systems and the ensuing large-scale changes in the ways people interact with one another as well as manage their businesses, it has become more and more topical to understand and meaningfully measure user experience. The number of channels present in online consumer media is ever increasing, and with a growing overlap with service design, user experience is bound to define the outcome of a customer journey more and more prominently. The field of research concerning user experience struggles with divergence and the resulting lack of standard frameworks and practices. Despite this divergence, a myriad of both qualitative and quantitative evaluation methods and measurement scales have been developed and deployed with meaningful results. New data gathering methods, such as physiological and neurological methods, are being developed and new ways of quantifying qualitative data are being innovated, which are bound to improve the capacity of UX evaluation in both business and research. In this thesis, I explore the existing literature concerning the field of user experience design and aim to answer the following questions: 1) What is user experience? 2) What makes a user experience a good one? 3) How can the success of a user experience be measured? 4) What kind of principles can be appointed to successful user experience design?
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Mikkonen, Ilona
user experience, user experience design, user experience measures, user experience practices, consumer media, product development, service design
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