Review of Mechanical Characteristics of Voided Biaxial Reinforced Concrete

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Insinööritieteiden korkeakoulu | Bachelor's thesis
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Computational Engineering
Degree programme
Aalto Bachelor’s Programme in Science and Technology
Voided biaxial reinforced concrete slab, a.k.a. voided slab (VS), is an innovative approach to reducing the weight of slabs and optimizing the volume of concrete used, while not compromising the structural strength. This thesis aims to study the properties of VS, with a strong focus on the mechanical response of slabs to loads. To that end, this work conducted a literature review to explore experimental and computational works done on VS, in which 32 papers as well as materials from selected manufacturers were surveyed. Additionally, 4 reinforced concrete slabs were modelled and were placed under uniform load to qualitatively demonstrate the difference between solid slabs (SS) and VS. The literature review found that compared to SS with the same thickness, VS has fK >= 80% flexural stiffness and fS ~ 60% punching shear strength. With mitigation strategies to improve punching shear strength, VS has fU ~ 90% ultimate load capacity of SS, otherwise fU ~ fS. Strengths and crack patterns of VC can be predicted with construction codes, when removed material is considered. VS can be 10% to 30% lighter, and has higher strength per weight compared to SS. Fire resistance and seismic resistance of VS are comparable to SS. Finally, VS can result in a small reduction in construction cost, a minor increase in construction time and complexity, and a significant reduction in environmental impact indicators. The conducted simulations found that VS can distribute and transfer load more efficiently, and that VS are stronger than SS with the same volume of concrete. In conclusion, voided biaxial reinforced concrete slab technology can offer comparable structural properties to traditional solid concrete slabs, reduce the weight of building, improve the efficiency of concrete material usage, reduce construction cost, and contribute to sustainability in construction.
St-Pierre, Luc
Thesis advisor
Noureldin, Mohamed
Biaxial voided reinforced concrete, rigidity, stiffness, deflection, shear, environmental impact
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