Utilizing digital tools in the new supplier discovery process

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School of Business | Master's thesis
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Information and Service Management (ISM)
67 + 2
As with many other fields of businesses, the supply chain management sector is undergoing a wide globalization trend, as more and more companies are expanding their sourcing relationships around the world, in search of quality and efficiency. Simultaneously, the amount of information available is growing exponentially, thus increasing opportunities to find suppliers and information on them. Getting access to the vast amount of available data is imperative for sourcing professionals to succeed, thus having the knowledge of the latest innovative technologies in their field becomes important. This thesis strives to connect the two parties in supplier selection professionals and digital solution developers, with the goal of enhancing the development of AI-based technology solutions in finding new suppliers. By listening and understanding the underlying needs of professionals working in the supplier selection process, the chances of these emerging technologies being successful in filling the needs of the end-users will become significantly higher. The thesis bridges the gap of existing literature on present supplier selection process concepts and the current thoughts and ideas of supplier selection professionals, with a thematic analysis approach to draw conclusions on the inputs. Together, the primary research findings and existing literature showcase how earlystage artificial intelligence is in supplier selection, as well as the vision potential future users of such technologies have for the utilization of such technologies, and how they will fundamentally change the supplier selection process in the near future.
Thesis advisor
Kauppi, Katri
supply chain, supplier selection, artificial intelligence, digital tools, databases, supplier discovery
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