Java micro edition test automation and improvement based on action research

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Helsinki University of Technology | Diplomityö
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This thesis summarizes the experiences in conducting a J2ME test automation project, proposes and implements the improvements to the test framework. Mobile application testing can be carried out on the desktop, emulator and device, each of them having its advantages and disadvantages. The existing test framework has supported such diversity to some extent, but it does not fully consider the limitations of the mobile devices. The project has found out when tests are conducted on the real devices; there need some flexible ways in test organization, test execution and reporting. Such new options are designed and implemented in the project. The original test framework is improved into Client/Server structure with the test management moved to the server side. This not only transfers the load from the client to the server) also it provides the possibilities of various user-system interfaces for selecting and presenting test information. Furthermore, it supports software engineering process with better testing process and distributed development/testing. The thesis has found that the performance of the improved test framework is acceptable. Such improvements open possibilities for more enhancements and new features to be added in the testing system. The thesis work is guided by action research which structures the project into several iterations of analysis, design, implementation and reflection. The knowledge is accumulated and improvements are conducted step by step. From the thesis work, some experiences in applying action research are acquired and the recommendations are proposed.
Männistö, Tomi
Thesis advisor
Abdelrahman, Haroon
J2ME, test automation, framework improvement, action research
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