Student's digital identity in student record management system

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School of Business | Master's thesis
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Information and Service Management (ISM)
This thesis explores digital identity. Digital identity is a technological component of information systems. It enables the system to differentiate between the users and to recognise the users. Digital identity can be also part of a human life, which makes it an interesting topic of exploration. I am interested in student’s digital identity in university’s student record management system. To perform this specific inquiry, I also need to examine digital identity in general. I develop a techno-philosophical framework of identity management. The framework integrates technological and philosophical perspective. Techno-philosophical framework of identity management consists of two parts: a model of digital identity and a reflective questions pattern. The model of digital identity describes what kind of technological component digital identity is and how it fits within human life. The model has five central concepts: account, digital self, digital identity, identity management and personal identity. The reflective question pattern is a tool for applying the model of digital identity. The pattern consists of 26 questions. They help to generate an analysis of digital identity in a particular information system. I utilise the question pattern in a small-scale study setting in which I analyse student’s digital identity in a student record management of European university. My thesis aims to contribute for academic understanding in three different ways. The first contribution is a novel framework of identity management that I develop. The second contribution is my analysis on student’s digital identity in a particular system. Third, I try to promote academic creativity by intertwining different types of approaches to supersede what these approaches attempt to achieve alone.
Thesis advisor
Hekkala, Riitta
account, digital identity, digital self, identity management, student information system, student record management system
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