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Dooble is transformable furniture. It can be brought in as components and installed into any housing flat. Dooble allows the change of a home into a working space for the dweller or even for another person without compromising intimacy or hygiene. When you are not at home, someone can use your space for working without you having to be worried. The principle is sustainable, supporting an optimized use of space. Dooble does this without disturbing the privacy or security of a tenant or the privacy of a worker: They cannot touch each other’s belongings. Dooble is not only sustainable, but also Covid-19 proof. Dooble is based on the culture of sharing. Our homes are empty most of the time while someone else might need a working space and your home could be just perfect for this. Dooble is practical for highly urban city blocks, where there is a great demand for working spaces and the real estate prices are high, such as Shanghai (or Hangzhou). Dooble opens and closes its parts depending on the user and the usage, based on movable fixed furniture on rails and an electrical remote control system. When using Dooble as part of housing, all parts belonging to the worker are closed. When in working mode, Dooble has closed all private sections belonging to the dweller. It is not even possible to see each other’s stuff. Touching it is impossible. We have here illustrated the most difficult location for Dooble – a typical single room flat. A series of plans shows how Dooble can be assembled into any type of local contemporary industrial flat. Dooble is naturally easy to be installed on a larger flat as well (as shown in scale model photographs). In larger cases, other rooms are locked, when the working person is using the flat. Nothing prevents you to install many Dooble units in a flat however!
urban design, building design, atelier design, villa, furnitire design, prefabrication, modular construction, changeability, flexibility, hygiene, pandemic, Architecture
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Ahlava , A , International CECC Design Competition : Dooble , 2020 , Architecture , Helsinki Zürich Office Ltd , Helsinki .