Identifying Process Framework and Best Practices for Design Systems in Developing Public Sector Digital Services

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School of Business | Master's thesis
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Information and Service Management (ISM)
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Digitalisation in public sector services is growing at a rapid pace and modular development practices are very important in increasing speed and efficiency of the process. Design systems are widely used in the private industry as a modular approach towards User Interface development. The first objective of this thesis is to identify a process framework for design systems to be implemented in the development of public sector digital services. This involves identifying the different components that go into the design system and proposing a process framework which takes into account the digital service implementation processes in public sector. The second objective of the thesis is to identify best practices in the public sector design systems. For this purpose, design systems of seven countries are benchmarked and best practices of the leading countries are identified. Through this thesis a process framework for public sector design system is proposed, best practices and benchmarking methodology of leading government design systems are showcased, and literary contribution is made to expand on the research published on design systems.
Thesis advisor
Rossi, Matti
design system, government digital services, public sector digital services, design system benchmarking, design system process framework, design system best practices
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