Bluetooth for Audio Transmission

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Sähkötekniikan korkeakoulu | Master's thesis
Communications Engineering
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TLT - Master’s Programme in Communications Engineering
66 + 11
In recent years short-range wireless communication technology has gained great development. Bluetooth is one of the greatest technologies and it has wide range of applications being widespread in industries around the world. In modern information society Bluetooth technology has affected people’s work and lifestyle through the wide use of a variety of wireless communication devices (such as mobile phones, PDAs, etc.). With the further development of Bluetooth technology it will become the mainstream protocol in short-range wireless communication and bring extensive impact on people’s lives. The objective of this thesis is to conduct throughout literature review on Bluetooth technology and its application in wireless personal communication. The thesis first introduces several short-range wireless communication technologies followed by comparison on their characteristics. Then we focus on the technical features of the Bluetooth specification, protocols and profiles together with measures such as Low Energy, Security and QoS which make Bluetooth a widely used technology. Then an intensive study and analysis on Bluetooth audio is covered. After introducing the methods and procedures of how to develop Bluetooth products, one of the most popular audio applications - headset/stereo headset is stated. Then new applications in Smart Home, automotive industry and health are discussed in detail. With the advent of Bluetooth V4.0 these new applications have shown great potentials of future market. Finally conclusions are drawn and some prospects on Bluetooth future are brought up.
Jäntti, Riku
Thesis advisor
Jäntti, Riku
Audio Transmission, Smart Home, Bluetooth Audio Application, Bluetooth Product Development, Measures for Better Communication, QoS or QoE of Bluetooth technology
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