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Kiinteistöopin ja talousoikeuden julkaisuja / Teknillinen korkeakoulu, maanmittaustekniikan laitos, kiinteistöoppi. A, 32
The goal was to study the possibility of accelerating the completion of land consolidation surveys following the Real Property Formation Act (554/95) and achieving significant cost savings at the same time, without significantly changing the final results. The emphasis of the study was on finding out the key factors related to the duration and costs of the land consolidation procedures. The land consolidation procedure was modelled into an operating network. The operating network consists of 389 different tasks, the contents and interdependence of which were determined. The principles for estimating the workload, the costs and the duration of different tasks in the procedure are presented in the study. The possibilities of renewing the land consolidation procedure have been analysed by the model of operating network, and a renewed process is suggested. Compared to the present procedure some tasks in the land consolidation procedure have been brought forward or made concurrent, certain tasks have been combined, unnecessary tasks discarded, and the contents of different tasks have been simplified. In addition, the planning and implementation of certain tasks have been transferred from cadastral officers to external organisations. Replanning and modelling of the land consolidation procedure by the operating network techniques proved that the completion of the process could probably be significantly shortened compared to the present duration. The cost savings are obvious. This is achieved with no major effect on the final results. Land consolidation of reasonable extent can thus be performed in four to five years. The landowners will possess their new parcels within three years from the land consolidation proceedings. Recommendations for developing the land consolidation procedure in the preparation, planning and implementation stages are given in the study. The recommendations relate to preparing the requirement report, landowner consultation, valuations, preparing the readjustment plan, planning and implementation of the improvements, land use planning, environmental impact assessment, and securing the costs of land consolidation implementation.
land consolidation, reallotment, operating network, procedure
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