Cultivate intangibles

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School of Arts, Design and Architecture | Master's thesis
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This thesis investigates the link between fashion design and one’s emotional states as artistic interpretation and presents a fashion collection as an articulated form in the end. How can one draw one’s mentalities, such as emotions, attitudes, and notions into fashion design? This thesis challenges to cultivate those hidden intangible values through a theoretical approach. In this thesis, I define fashion design as the presentation of my inner spirit to express subjects and the design method for the whole ambience of a collection from a broad outlook. Based on this definition, I challenge a multitude of dualities for contrastive components, such as reality and imaginary, past and present. These are combined into one construction to clarify the position of ambiguity. The main aim of the implementation for the thesis execution is to perceive an original approach towards an innovative outcome and to acquire a unique perspective on fashion design by cultivating and identifying the assembly of intangibles in my inner mind. This can raise my creative ability and enable me to grasp own constant character firmly as a fashion designer. This documentation consists of two parts: a theoretical part and a production part. The theoretical part of the thesis outlines my own creation method in designing a women’s fashion collection. This inves-tigation of my own ambiguous actuality is based on my Finnish winter experiences and a literature review concerning my diverse thoughts on intangibles to strengthen the foundation and enhance the notion of creating this thesis. The literature review section is divided into two principal parts, Japanese aesthetics and the notion of Surrealism. My inquiry into its relation to art and design is introduced with visual examples to provide some perspective on the subject. The production part of the thesis is based on the theoretical part, which imparts a visionary interpretation of the topic and materialised as the collection that is introduced in the last part of this thesis with photographs.
Hyötyläinen, Ilona
Thesis advisor
Niinimäki, Kirsi
fashion design, textile design, finnish winter, surrealism, japanese aesthetics
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