Analysis of a multi-axis machinery drive system with a common DC bus and regenerative capabilities

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Sähkötekniikan korkeakoulu | Master's thesis
Electrical drives
Degree programme
EST - Master’s Programme in Electrical Engineering
This research deals with the study of a multi-axis machinery focusing on the analysis of the drive system. Nowadays in industrial applications the energy management of converters and motors is a major point of concern, therefore it is particularly desirable to evaluate an upgrade of an existing machine with an old fashion drive system. Along this study the focus point is mainly directed on the energy management of the machine motors and frequency converters in order to reduce the energy consumption of an existing multi-axis machine used for mechanical testing of optical fiber. A more efficient electrical structure and motor axis control is presented. Since the multi-axis machinery under study uses axes in motoring and braking mode, it is particularly suitable for a future upgrade using a centralized multi-drive system. The main aim of this research is to understand how different drives interact while connected to a common DC bus, how the DC voltage can be controlled and how the surplus energy can be either used by other motoring loads or fed back to the network. The study will be considered from different points of view: from the economical aspect to reduce energy consumption with a new drive system. From the technical point of view, dealing with the dimensioning of the drive system, with the aim to reduce the required space and simplify the system structure. From the control point of view, the control technology involved with the energy regenerative features and drives control is presented. Simulation of the mechanical and electrical system will be conducted and measurements performed on the running machine in order to verify the simulated results. Finally the results will be used to predict the energy consumption and cost variations using different drive configurations.
Hinkkanen, Marko
Thesis advisor
Turunen, Harri
active rectifier, DC bus, multi-axis machine, regenerative energy
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