Ethical algorIthmic management in digital platforms

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School of Business | Master's thesis
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Information and Service Management (ISM)
This thesis investigates the ethical challenges posed by algorithmic management within digital platforms, focusing on developing a thorough understanding and proposing actionable strategies for ethical implementation. As digital technologies continue to advance at a rapid pace, algorithms increasingly influence various aspects of business and social interactions, fundamentally transforming traditional decision-making processes that were previously made solely by humans. This research combines a literature review with qualitative interviews to explore the nuanced perspectives of developers, managers, and users across digital platforms. By integrating theoretical insights with empirical evidence, the study aims to develop a comprehensive understanding of the topic from both literature-based and real-world viewpoints. The key ethical concerns such as bias, lack of transparency, and significant impacts on user autonomy and privacy are identified. Additionally, the consequences of these ethical issues for social equity and justice are discussed, emphasizing the need for algorithms that promote inclusivity and fairness. The findings highlight that while algorithms can enhance efficiency and decision-making capabilities, they also present substantial ethical challenges that necessitate stringent management, oversight and regulation. These challenges include ensuring fairness, accountability, transparency, and explainability in algorithmic applications, which are crucial for maintaining public trust and legal compliance. By contributing to the scholarly discourse on digital ethics, this thesis provides valuable insights for refining algorithmic management practices and suggests ways digital platforms can foster a more ethically responsible digital ecosystem.
Thesis advisor
Hekkala, Riitta
algorithmic management, digital platforms, ethical algorithms, algorithmic bias
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