Proceedings of the 8th Baltic Mechatronics Symposium

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School of Engineering | C2 Toimitettu kirja, kokoomateos, konferenssijulkaisu tai lehden erikoisnumero
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The Baltic Mechatronics Symposium is annual symposium with the objective to provide a forum for young scientists from Baltic countries to exchange knowledge, experience, results, and information in large variety of fields in mechatronics. The symposium was organized in co-operation with Taltech and Aalto University. The venue of the symposium was the Radisson BLU Olümpia Hotel conference centre in Tallinn. The symposium was organized parallel to the Modern Materials and Manufacturing (MMM2023) conference. The content of the proceedings 1. Accuracy of a ceiling vision localization system on an overhead crane 2. Development of a 650 kN tension and compression force transducer 3. Dynamics of fluidic muscle actuated driving simulator platform 4. Effect of fluid volume on a resonator system working as a dynamic vibration absorber 5. Machine-to-Machine Communication of Automated Guided Vehicle with Industrial Equipment 6. Experimental isothermal carbon dioxide energy storage 7. Development of a Robotic Fleet for Agriculture 8. Alignment detection of ladle-lifting hook In addition, following presentations were also given at the Symposium: 1. Designing and Building a Small Quadcopter. Ricardo Jorge Teixeira Tripeça, André Soares, Henry Orlov 2. Scaled physical model of electric self-driving bus. Meelis Kobin, Robert Seredenko 3. Flexible Gripper for Manipulator Robot. Dinah Tomaschko, Alexandre Valero, Maximilian Will 4. TrashSense. Veiko Rütter, Johann Põlluste, Siim Salonen Hans, Patrick Laansalu 5. Future transport ecosystem piloting with Autonomous minibusses. Karl Läll 6. Wisdom for selling machine. Erkki-Siim Lind 7. Unity Integration With ROS-Industrial For Remote Control Of Omron Robot. Elias Sepp 8. Manufacturing planning and execution of a product by using ERP. Karl Andres Matute Perner 9. Predictive maintenance machine. Seycan Kuntay Baykara
mechatronics, industrial internet, sensors, actuators, control, hydraulics
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