Players' Motivations to Participate the Mobile Game Design with the Game Creator

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School of Business | Master's thesis
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Information and Service Management (ISM)
The thesis investigates the players' motivations to participate in the innovation process of mobile game design. The topics of the thesis are mobile game, online community, and user-centered innovation. Although many researchers have studied the fields, there is not enough research looking into the practice of user-centered innovation and the role of online community in the mobile game industry. Meanwhile, mobile game creators seek for players' feedback and ideas to improve games and, further, players' loyalty. Thus, the thesis attempts to present a new model to demonstrate the motivations. The model provides the insights to explore the factors of a successful innovation community. It also displays the determinants of an attractive environment for users to share ideas. The thesis uses content analysis. The data is from "Ideas & Feature Requests" of Clash Royale online community, a mobile game produced by Supercell. The thesis concentrates on card idea threads. Total 2198 threads are analyzed. A research model is built based on the previous research. "Enjoyment", "Feedback", and "Leadership" (with "Lead Member" and "Moderator") are the motivations in the research model. The analysis results affirm the motivations and give more insights. The results find that "praise" and "advice" are the essential types of feedbacks. And feedbacks could increase enjoyment. The final model consists of "Enjoyment", "Feedback" (with "Praise" and "Advice"), and "Leadership" (with "Lead Member" and "Moderator"). It indicates the influence of feedback on enjoyment as well. In conclusion, enjoyment encourages players to participate innovation; feedback and leadership draw them to share the ideas.
Thesis advisor
Merikivi, Jani
Tuunainen, Virpi
mobile game, motivation, online community, user-centered innovation
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