Developing Expert Communications - Suggestions for improving creative design

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School of Arts, Design and Architecture | Master's thesis
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Master's Degree Programme in New Media
Uuden median maisteriohjelma
The initial motivation for my pro gradu thesis was a desire to investigate and develop the cooperation and communication between creative experts while working. I got the opportunity to do this in late summer 2009, when the reform of the webstore was started. What we were facing was a giant project with a super busy schedule. Those involved were easily motivated to start thinking about how we could facilitate our cooperation by any means possible, for example, by developing our mutual communication and interaction. Interaction needed to run smoothly in the project’s multinational network of people with offices in different locations. Veikkaus’ Web10 reform employed nearly 200 people from five different countries and ten different companies at the maximum. The work was based on human-centred thinking, which creative experts used as a source of inspiration. They knew they were building services for customers and understood that the needs, thoughts, and understandings of these people should be taken into account in the creative planning work. Human-centred thinking is part of the toolkit of creative experts. The purpose of this pro gradu thesis is to enrich creative communities working with the new media by considering, e.g., second-order understanding, the relationship-constructed and constructivist perspectives, as well as the theme of trust, which I was inspired to investigate further during two lecture series given by philosopher Pekka Himanen in autumn 2010. Each of these issues is also central to the development of communication and interaction. The analysis centres on creative experts whose thoughts and feelings are in focus, running through the text. The experts reflect on their interactive skills, and discuss the significance of active listening and building of trust for cooperation. They talk about interaction during the creative design work in the Web10 project and the related cooperation. They also tell about their experiences of problems in communication and interaction, and give their views of how interaction and cooperation could be developed. Attached to this work, there is a Guide for communication during projects and creative cooperation at Veikkaus, including a checklist-like Model for thinking up a communication plan.
Dean, Philip
Human-centred, second-order understanding, building trust, active listening, language of design, interactive skills, communication based on listening and understanding
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