Opportunistic packet scheduling algorithms for beyond 3G wireless networks

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The new millennium has been labeled as the century of the personal communications revolution, or more specifically, the digital wireless communications revolution. The introduction of new multimedia services has created higher loads on available radio resources. Namely, the task of the radio resource manager is to deliver different levels of quality for these multimedia services. Radio resources are scarce and need to be shared by many users. This sharing has to be carried out in an efficient way avoiding, as much as possible, any waste in resources. A Heuristic scheduler for SC-FDMA systems is proposed where the main objective is to organize scheduling in a way that maximizes a collective utility function. The heuristic is later extended to a multi-cell system where scheduling is coordinated between neighboring cells to limit interference. Inter-cell interference coordination is also examined with game theory to find the optimal resource allocation among cells in terms of frequency bands allocated to cell edge users who suffer the most from interference. Activity control of users is examined in scheduling and admission control where in the admission part, the controller gradually integrates a new user into the system by probing to find the effect of the new user on existing connections. In the scheduling part, the activity of users is adjusted according to the proximity to a requested quality of service level. Finally, a study is made about feedback information in multi-carrier systems due to its importance in maximizing the performance of opportunistic networks.
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Jäntti, Riku, Prof.
3G, opportunistic networks, scheduling, OFDMA, LTE, SC-FDMAG, ICIC, Nash, RB, admission
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