Supermaterials. Inspiring sustainable materials for the concept elevator car of the 2020.

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School of Arts, Design and Architecture | Master's thesis
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Master's Degree Programme in Spatial Design
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This thesis is a research of sustainable materials that could be used in elevator car design in near future. Thesis objective is to provide visionary concept, which functions as an inspiring tool for KONE. The theory part of the thesis is divided into three parts. First part presents forecasts of current megatrends and visions made by different organizations how to create sustainable world. In the second part of the thesis is mapped how construction and building industries and cities are already working on sustainable development. Third part of the thesis concentrates on materials, how they are classified and strategies to choose sustainable materials. Based on the findings in these three parts, is formed a sustainable future scenario from elevator car perspective. How does future look like in aspects of power & decision-making, cities, buildings, ownership and most importantly how are natural resources used? The scenario sets requirements for near future elevator car concept – how it should be to become a forerunner of its time in 2020? Material research is focusing on finding suitable materials that have potential to be used in the future concept elevator car. Materials were searched from literature, online material libraries, websites and blogs. Material samples were collected to a sustainable materials library. Findings were evaluated based on a strategy from Ashby’s (2009) book on Materials and the Environment. Most potential materials found can be divided into two groups: those that are applicable right away and those that need development. Since this thesis is about a future concept, two of the most promising of the latter group were chosen for closer collaboration and material testing. In the end, wall paneling reflecting the ambience of the future elevator car was designed. Deliverables of the project were materials sample library, material samples from collaboration, a scale model presenting the ambience and a written document. Material samples were developed in collaboration between KONE and Zelfo Technology GmbH. Some small tests were also made with Ecovative Design.
Kareoja, Pentti
Thesis advisor
Ripatti, Timo
biobased materials, sustainable cities, future scenario, sustainable development, sustainable materials, natural resources, megatrend
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  • Material samples.