Long-term spectral responsivity stability of predictable quantum efficient detectors

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Metrologia, Volume 59, issue 6
The stability of induced junction silicon photodiodes used to construct the predictable quantum efficient detector (PQED) has been studied over a time period of a decade by measurements of its spectral responsivity against absolute cryogenic radiometers (CR) in two independent laboratories at CMI and PTB. PQEDs operated at room temperature show a long-term temporal stability within 150 ppm over a broad spectral range during a 10-year period, well within the range of the claimed measurement uncertainty values of the CRs. This long term stability fulfills one of the fundamental requirements to establish a new primary standard for the measurement of power of optical radiation.
Funding Information: The authors of PTB are grateful to Ingmar Müller who designed, set up and characterized the PQEDs calibrated by PTB and to Uwe Johannsen who set up and improved the cryogenic radiometer calibration facility of PTB. The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme, ERA-NET Plus, under Grant Agreement No. 217257, from the European Metrology Research Programme (EMRP) Project SIB57 ‘New Primary Standards and Traceability for Radiometry’ and from the project 18SIB10 chipS.CALe (EMPIR). The EMRP is jointly funded by the EMRP participating countries within EURAMET and the European Union. The EMPIR programme is co-financed by the Participating States and from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. EI acknowledges the support by the Academy of Finland Flagship Programme, Photonics Research and Innovation (PREIN), decision number: 320167. Publisher Copyright: © 2022 BIPM & IOP Publishing Ltd.
photometry, predictable quantum efficient detector, radiometry
Porrovecchio , G , Linke , U , Smid , M , Gran , J , Ikonen , E & Werner , L 2022 , ' Long-term spectral responsivity stability of predictable quantum efficient detectors ' , Metrologia , vol. 59 , no. 6 , 065008 . https://doi.org/10.1088/1681-7575/ac938c