Modularisation of passenger ship hotel areas

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Insinööritieteiden korkeakoulu | Master's thesis
Marine Technology
Degree programme
Master’s Programme in Mechanical Engineering
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For the last few decades, the manufacturing method of the passenger ship cabin area has remained unchanged. While the current manufacturing technique, based on a single cabin modulus, was novel in the 80s, it is inefficient for the high standards of the current competitive shipbuilding market. This has motivated shipbuilding companies to develop new methods of cabin area manufacturing. It is proposed that the hotel area would be assembled from functionally complete and self-supporting macro-modules. A macro-module includes several cabins, which would be prefabricated in factory conditions and installed on a ship in the final phase of the building process. This thesis focuses on the feasibility of macro-module based manufacturing. In order to assess feasibility, three macro-module based concepts are compared with the current concept used in Europe. The concept properties are assessed for weight, cost, and the manufacturing time. A synthesis model is developed in order to evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of the concepts. The results indicate that a macro-module based concept has significant advantages when compared to the current concept. Increasing the level of the prefabrication, the extensive use of sandwich panels, and the vertical outfitting solution have contributed to significant weight and space savings. The deckhouse built utilising the new concept has more cabins while maintaining a similar price and weight level. Despite achieving satisfactory results, the new concept should be tested in practice. It is essential to note that the new concept involves a great amount of innovations that may be excessive for the conservative shipbuilding industry. Moreover, a significant initial investment is required to update shipyard facilities in order to enable the new approach to be implemented.
Romanoff, Jani
Thesis advisor
Remes, Heikki
Tabri, Kristjan
cruise ship, passenger ship, modularity, and cabin area