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Present designing process and cost management of road and railroad building projects is in unsatisfying level, which has led the situation to cost overruns and budget failures of projects. The cost management of preliminary designing phase has based since now on cost estimates of complete plans. The problem with the current process is that the preliminary designing phase does not include element of cost control which would consider cost comparison of the alternative designing solutions. Basis in this research was development of cost management of projects by using product data modeling and information technology solutions. The research method was qualitative and based on constructive approach. The research was based on the problematic of the current process, which were specified in theme interviews. A new preliminary designing process for road and railroad projects was developed in this research. The new process which was based on problems specified in theme interviews and literature review was verified by workshops and case study test. The new process model, developed in this research, improves the current process significantly. The new process model improves cost control of the preliminary designing phase and utilizes new information technology solutions concerning software of the visualization, mass economy planning and cost management. The basis of the new process model was a project briefing which defines and describes alternative solutions for the road and railroad. The process which utilizes information technology allows an efficient cost estimation comparing for the alternative designing solutions. It also supports to find out the most economical design solution. Research also brings out a new uncertain initial data management process. By the aid of the process range of the cost estimation can be defined and cost risk management can be improved.
väylähanke, kustannushallinta, kustannusohjaus, massataloussuunnittelu, hankeohjelma, tuotemalli, epävarmat lähtötiedot
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