Artificial impedance surfaces

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Doctoral thesis (article-based)
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TKK radio science and engineering publications, Report R, 11
In this doctoral thesis the properties of certain artificial impedance surfaces and electromagnetic materials are studied. In the context of the thesis the word artificial refers to the electromagnetic properties of homogeneous surfaces and materials, that are not naturally observed in nature. The macroscopic electromagnetic properties of these homogeneous materials are determined by their microscopic structures. Therefore it is convenient to call these surfaces and materials also as metasurfaces and metamaterials, which are the common names in the literature for the surfaces and materials studied in this doctoral thesis. This work concentrates on the analytical modeling and applications of such structures. The purpose of the analytical models of artificial impedance surfaces is to understand the physical properties of the structures and to facilitate the use of these structures in different applications. Sometimes the information given by the analytical models leads to innovations and new findings. For the artificial impedance surfaces studied in this doctoral thesis there have been no accurate and physically exact models available in the literature. In this work we have derived analytical models for various artificial surfaces and verified them to be accurate by numerical and experimental methods. We have used these models in the thesis work to study the properties of these surfaces. Further, we have used the derived analytical models to design different applications based on the artificial impedance surfaces. I have also been able to show the existence of previously unknown plasmonic resonance in electrically thin artificial impedance surface structures. The results of this doctoral thesis bring more insight into the properties of artificial impedance surfaces. These results are important when designing novel impedance surfaces and applications based on these surfaces.
artificial impendance surface, electromagnetic materials
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  • [Errata file]: Errata of publication 1