Enabling Closed Loop Lifecycle Management with Information Exchange Standards

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School of Science | Master's thesis
Service management and engineering
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78 + app. 3
Today, the manufacturing industry is focusing on the customer oriented service. This requires appropriate product lifecycle knowledge in order to facilitate product servicing and the design of next generation of products. A concept called Closed Loop Lifecycle Management (CL2M) is developed as an extension to traditional Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). CL2M enables the desired information gathering, processing and exchange throughout the whole life of an entity from beginning, through middle to end of life. A key challenge for the implementation of CL2M is when the information is distributed; a standard becomes essential concerning the format of data and way to exchange it. The objective of this thesis is to define such a messaging standard that aids in seamless information flow and exchange of information in CL2M. The Quantum Lifecycle Management (QLM) messaging standard is currently being developed. The standard is derived from PROMISE Messaging Interface (PMI) developed in the PROMISE EU project in 2008. In this thesis, the power consumption monitoring application example presents the implementation of QLM messaging standard. During the study, similar standards that are already exist is found, and compared with QLM. Furthermore, two application cases have been addressed in the thesis to enable information flow visibility and exchange in a real manufacturing scenario. QLM is developed for Internet of Things (IoT) as an information exchange standards for information flow between any kinds of intelligent products, devices, users and information systems and to close the information loop in CL2M.
Holmström, Jan
Thesis advisor
Främling, Kary
product lifecycle, product lifecycle management, closed loop lifecycle management, messaging standards, QLM messaging, PROMISE
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