Improving user experience with agile testing and service design integration: a case study

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Perustieteiden korkeakoulu | Master's thesis
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Service Design and Engineering
Degree programme
Master's Programme in Service Design and Engineering (SDE)
113 + 16
Markets have changed from industrial manufacturing to services and knowledge work. Software development paradigms have evolved allowing companies to build products and services faster than ever. In order to succeed in the current economy, companies must deliver products that are useful, pleasant and easy to operate. This study aims to improve the user experience of a service provided by a startup through the integration of agile testing methods and service design tools. The results of this study seem to indicate that the integration of agile testing methods and service design tools can improve the user experience of a system. Agile testing methods and service design tools are combined in the following way: exploratory testing and scenario and use case testing are used in the creation of the service blueprint in a design workshop, and usability testing is applied to the redesign of the existing service mockup. The integration also drives a common and shared understanding of the service among team members, leads to cost and time savings, and supports decision making. Nevertheless, it also presents several shortcomings: a steep learning curve, reluctance to change and lack of commitment by team members, and filtering through the vast amount of methods and tools to choose from. Based on the findings from this research, integration of the two worlds seems viable and realistic. However, having a common vision and understanding of the product and well-defined goals as early as possible seem to be critical for the success of the integration.
Kauppinen, Marjo
Thesis advisor
Järvinen, Oula
agile software testing, service design, startup, user experience
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