Novel Perovskite Semiconductor Based on Co/Fe-Codoped LBZY (La0.5Ba0.5Co0.2Fe0.2Zr0.3Y0.3O3-δ) as an Electrolyte in Ceramic Fuel Cells

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ACS Applied Energy Materials
Introducing triple-charge (H+/O2-/e-) conducting materials is a promising alternative to modify a cathode as an electrolyte in advanced ceramic fuel cells (CFC). Herein, we designed a novel triple-charge conducting perovskite-structured semiconductor Co0.2/Fe0.2-codoped La0.5Ba0.5Zr0.3Y0.3O3-δ (CF-LBZY) and used as an electrolyte and an electrode. CF-LBZY perovskite as an electrolyte exhibited high ionic (O2-/H+) conductivity of 0.23 S/cm and achieved a remarkable power density of 656 mW/cm2 550 °C. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) analysis revealed that the Co/Fe codoping supports the formation of oxygen vacancies at the B-site of a perovskite structure. Besides, using CF-LBZY as a cathode, the fuel cell delivered 150 and 177 mW/cm2 at 550 °C, respectively, where Y-doped BaZrO3 and Sm-doped ceria (SDC) were used as electrolytes. During the fuel-cell operation, H+ injection into the CF-LBZY electrolyte may suppress electronic conduction. Furthermore, the metal-semiconductor junction (Schottky junction) has been proposed by considering the work function and electron affinity to interpret short-circuiting avoidance in our device. The current systematic study indicates that triple-charge conduction in CF-LBZYO3-δ has potential to boost the electrochemical performance in advanced low-temperature fuel-cell technology.
Funding Information: This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC, Grant Nos. 51774259, 51772080, and 51675496) and the Engineering Research Center of Nano-Geo Materials of Ministry of Education (NGM2017KF004, NGM2017KF012, and NGM2018KF016). Dr. Asghar acknowledges the support from the Hubei overseas Talent 100 program (as a distinguished professor at Hubei University) and the Academy of Finland (Grant No. 13329016, 13322738) for their support. Publisher Copyright: ©
ceramic fuel cells, Co/Fe-LaBZrYO(CF-LBZY), electrode, electrolyte, Schottky junction, semiconductor, triple-charge conduction
Shah , M A K Y , Rauf , S , Mushtaq , N , Zhu , B , Tayyab , Z , Yousaf , M , Hanif , M B , Lund , P D , Lu , Y & Asghar , M I 2021 , ' Novel Perovskite Semiconductor Based on Co/Fe-Codoped LBZY (La 0.5 Ba 0.5 Co 0.2 Fe 0.2 Zr 0.3 Y 0.3 O 3-δ ) as an Electrolyte in Ceramic Fuel Cells ' , ACS Applied Energy Materials , vol. 4 , no. 6 , pp. 5798-5808 .