Data availability in challenging networking environments in presence of failures

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Aalto-yliopiston teknillinen korkeakoulu | Doctoral thesis (article-based)
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This Doctoral thesis presents research on improving data availability in challenging networking environments where failures frequently occur. The thesis discusses the data retrieval and transfer mechanisms in challenging networks such as the Grid and the delay-tolerant networking (DTN). The Grid concept has gained adaptation as a solution to high-performance computing challenges that are faced in international research collaborations. Challenging networking is a novel research area in communications. The first part of the thesis introduces the challenges of data availability in environment where resources are scarce. The focus is especially on the challenges faced in the Grid and in the challenging networking scenarios. A literature overview is given to explain the most important research findings and the state of the standardization work in the field. The experimental part of the thesis consists of eight scientific publications and explains how they contribute to research in the field. Focus in on explaining how data transfer mechanisms have been improved from the application and networking layer points of views. Experimental methods for the Grid scenarios comprise of running a newly developed storage application on the existing research infrastructure. A network simulator is extended for the experimentation with challenging networking mechanisms in a network formed by mobile users. The simulator enables to investigate network behavior with a large number of nodes, and with conditions that are difficult to re-instantiate. As a result, recommendations are given for data retrieval and transfer design for the Grid and mobile networks. These recommendations can guide both system architects and application developers in their work. In the case of the Grid research, the results give first indications on the applicability of the erasure correcting codes for data storage and retrieval with the existing Grid data storage tools. In the case of the challenging networks, the results show how an application-aware communication approach can be used to improve data retrieval and communications. Recommendations are presented to enable efficient transfer and management of data items that are large compared to available resources.
Supervising professor
Ott, Jörg, Prof.
Thesis advisor
Ott, Jörg, Prof.
Niemi, Tapio, Dr.
data availability, Grid, failure tolerance, challenged networks, delay-tolerant networking
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