Research on the Status Quo and Countermeasures of HR Company's Inventory Management

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School of Business | Master's thesis
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Information and Service Management (ISM)
HR is a manufacturer of electromechanical products in China. Its manufacturing features are muti-variety for orders, mixed batch production mode with small batches and large batches. In recent years, with the development of enterprises, the increase of product varieties and the increase of production tasks, the production process has also encountered new problems of excessive management cost and relatively low production control. The profit rate of enterprises has also declined. The trend of capital cost occupancy has become aware of the importance of inventory management, and it is eager to improve operational management through inventory management. HR company's long-term inventory management is empirical and extensive management, lacking the guidance of scientific theory. Based on the study of inventory management theory and method, this paper uses the theory of constraints (TOC) to analyze the problems and causes in inventory management and find out the improvement. countermeasure. According to the actua situation of the enterprise, using MRP principle and Excel information processing method to build order management, raw material, work-in-process, finished product and production planning data correlative processing platform in order to improve the accuracy of production control. Implement ABC classification for different categories of inventory and select appropriate control strategies. This paper will propose corresponding countermeasures from the establishment of the enterprise database, the construction of a data processing platform, production planning, and scientific inventory management. The actual problems and root causes of inventory summarized in the research process are representative in SMEs. The proposed inventory management strategy is practical, operable and referrible from the perspective of the enterprise and from the technica point of view. It is hoped that this paper can improve the inventory management level of HR companies and can play a reference role for small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprise with the same characteristics. During the completion of the thesis, there is sufficient communication carried out with the company. The important strategy has been adopted by the enterprise.
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Kuula, Markku
theory of constraints, material requirements planning, inventory management, ABC analysis
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