Välkky Kirjastoauto – A service & interaction design concept

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School of Arts, Design and Architecture | Master's thesis
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Master's Degree Programme in New Media
Uuden median maisteriohjelma
This thesis is about designing a new Mobile Library Bus for the children and city of Espoo, Finland. The project was a collaborative effort between the Espoo City Library and the Departments of Media and Spatial Design, Aalto University. Although a Library Bus has been serving the city for some time, the idea behind the new bus is to bring into use new digital learning tools combined with the already extant regular activities. Increasing use of technology and direct access to information on the internet has decreased the use of physical libraries everywhere. However, books along with libraries play an integral part in Finnish society. As we head towards adoption of increasing amounts of technology, it has become increasingly important that a change be made in the way library and library buses are perceived today. The project aims to make design decisions and innovations at various levels such as: media interactions, modularity of the bus-interior, system design, and the building of the bus. Through this project I also wanted to explore the perception of media by children, 3-12 years of age; and to understand whether cultural context influences the use of media among children. Bringing all my prior experience into use, I expanded the scope of media usage in the Library Bus by conceptualising interactive solutions and activities that would channelize the creative imagination of every child. The bus was conceptualised as a modular space that went beyond books by integrating media tools and periodic playful activities, aimed at engaging the imagination of children and encouraging them to utilise to the maximum facilities within the bus. As part of the process behind this thesis, multiple workshops and interview sessions were conducted with both children and parents. Brainstorming and ideation sessions led to a range of possible user- experience and service directions for the bus. Extensive research was carried out into media tools which culminated in detailed media tool recommendations. Ultimately, five different themes were conceptualized, designed, detailed and visualized as final outcomes of the project. Each theme explains in detail the media content, proposed interaction with the media tools, thematic activities within the bus and the modularity of the furniture. The themes developed and conceptualized will be scheduled by the City Library, Espoo once the bus is regularised. The bus, Välkky, was inaugurated publicly on 1 February 2013.
Leinonen, Teemu
interaction design, service design, library bus, bookmobile, media technology
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