Impact of greenwashing on consumer behaviour and purchase intent in the food sector

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dc.description.abstractObjectives The main objectives of this study were to study the effects that green-washing has on consumers’ decision making and perceptions towards green food products and companies. The study will also aim to explore the effect that green knowledge has on and perceived greenwashing and green purchase intent. Literature on types of greenwashing and the effect on consumer perceptions and purchase intent was reviewed. Based on the literature review questions were then formulated for the participants. This study focuses on Finnish students who purchase food for themselves. The research was done through group discussions and interviews and were qualitative in nature. The results were then analyzed to answer three research questions aimed at answering the research objectives. The study revealed that changes in perception towards a company due to greenwashing depend on the type of greenwashing. However, this does not necessarily lead to negative purchase intent towards these companies. It was found that if there is a lack of alternatives perceived greenwashing will have little to no effect on the purchase intent towards the greenwashing company. In addition, green knowledge was found to have inconsequential effects on consumer purchase intent towards a greenwashing company.en
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dc.titleImpact of greenwashing on consumer behaviour and purchase intent in the food sectoren
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